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Unearthing Your Company's Videos - Buried Treasures

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I'll bet you have more usable video footage than you realize on your phone, on your desktop or on a hard drive or jump drive somewhere.

You may know that videos are perfect for marketing different things, all at once. Let's call those things services, products, offerings or ideas. Whatever you want to call them, a quality video production can highlight different areas your company excels at, all in one video.

Pro tip: One longer Overview video makes for multiple shorter videos, if planned properly.

Quality videos are everywhere

Whether you have professionals come in and shoot video, or if you shoot it yourself,

today, quality videos can be shot everywhere.

With good lighting, a steady hand, some closeups and wide shots, you're good to go.

Let's talk about your footage

I like to call the footage that you shoot on your own, perhaps with your phone,

Buried Treasures. Click here for different packages.

I know that you and your team members have lots of great footage that is just waiting to be shared. Stop it from collecting dust, and let's use that live footage living on your phones, to create unforgettable content that will increase your company's online presence.

"I know my competition is trying to get a jump on me, just as yours is trying to get a jump on you." – Joe Del Preto

It's never too late to start

You and your team are the one who see things happening on the floor everyday. Capture the action that looks cool to you. Chances are, it will look cool to someone else too. Compile your top 10 clips. Attach a phrase or two to each clip and send them over to me through One Drive or Dropbox, for editing. Creating your own company quality video content has never been easier or less expensive than this. Let me know your thoughts. Click Contact and I will be sure to get back to you.

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