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About A Light On A Hill Video Productions

I formed a Chicago video production company in 2010, after working for FOX News in Chicago for 15 years as a promotions and news editor. Now I am a Western Michigan video production company located in the beautiful town of Holland. I am still holding and gaining clients in Chicago, as well as Michigan. Today, video productions can and are being created from anywhere in the world.  Video services are offered locally and worldwide.

A Light on a Hill Video Productions opened its doors as a way to help small to medium-sized businesses solve their multi-media problems and become more understood for what they do, by increasing their online exposure and sales.

We write, direct, shoot, edit and help you create a channel to house your videos.

When your issue can use an idea that needs rescuing or just another pair of eyes focusing on a creative solution, I'm willing to help. That's where I am coming from, over thirty years of creating videos has taught me to try till it feels right.

Over thirty years of video production experience has led to video creations for an array of clients in manufacturing, restaurants, small businesses, entrepreneurs, music videos, sports, assisted living centers and others.

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"Gaining exposure and increasing face-time, in front of your new 
  customers, may never have been so important as it is today."
                                                                    - Joe Del Preto

The image of your company is there for the world to see on your website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page and anywhere else. First impressions do matter, a lot! The right content informs, educates and persuades like a thousand ambassadors working for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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