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"These are the most popular packages. However, If you're looking for something else, there's a good chance that A Light On A Hill Video Productions can help. Let us know what you need and we'll let you know if we think we're the right fit for your project." - Joe Del Preto (Owner)

The 60-Second Explosion

The 60-Second Explosion package is perfect for the company that has a trusted reputation and wants to continue to enhance their brand, their image and their story in the marketplace.

Cutting to the chase, our 60 second video packages range from $3000 - $5000. This would entail helping you coordinate a script idea. Then we come out and shoot whatever video you would like in a half-day.  Taking it back and editing it, as I share iterations with you.  Adding graphics, including an animated logo, music, sound FX and if desired a professional voiceover.  There may be some stock footage or original music added if desired.   Then it gets output to any formats you need.

60-second explosions are the perfect length for social media consumption and engagement. Everyone can fit in 60 seconds to watch a video. Now's your time to seize this opportunity.

60-Second Exposion

Becoming Impossible To Ignore

Our "Becoming Impossible To Ignore" packages are made up of multiple short videos that can be used for companies that seek to own their place and leadership role in their industry.

If you would like to become too Impossible To Ignore, we offer multiple video packages that will range from $5000 and up.  For example, we may offer two 60-second videos for 5K, that may be an option.  As you may understand, there are many variables involved when pricing a video. But obviously the more videos we can contract for, the lower the price point per video will go.   Many clients are creating multiple short :15-:20 spots now to use on their socials and their website.  It really depends upon your needs?  The two greatest variables are shooting time and editing time. I would be happy to talk anytime with you, about your video needs.

Stories are heard everyday and whoever tells the better story, wins. Leave your story up to the marketplace and it will end being pretty much anything you can imagine and, most likely, nothing you truly stand for. Establish your presence, increase your exposure, solve problems existing and new customers are having.

Becoming Impossible To Ignore

Buried Treasure

Whether they're footage from your phone, stills, stock or anything else, in the right hands, these can be turned into a compelling story.

The Buried Treasures are created from videos assets that I know you have that are not being leveraged or are gathering dust. Video content from the past that is still useful today. I can help you create some quality video assets by using effects, graphics, music, voice-over and animated logo.  The prices on these will vary depending on the lengths needed.  These can range from $1000 and up.  I am happy to share footage through One Drives and Dropbox. It works great.  We can create anything you have in mind.

Buried Treasure

Total Domination

Our Total Domination Package is perfect for the company that is ready to rapidly accelerate their presence, drive sales, and outshine their competitors.

The Total Domination packages will usually consist of a plan that includes a 2-3-minute video with multiple shorter videos created from that longer video.  The prices for that start around $6000 and up.  Again, it depends on the lengths and the number of videos needed. Because you know your business best, I would rely on you to write the script outline and I would polish it for film. We would then follow a similar process described above. 

This is comprehensive and customized to the size of your organization and the size of your sales and market goals. Besides the immediate content you'll be sharing with the world, we house this and archive this in our "Total Domination Vault" that's impenetrable. This way, your future is secure and fate can take you off its list as its next victim. We are always ready to create as you are ready to build your following.

Total Domination

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